Shilling Mosaics

By Carl Friend, owner Waterwize Gardens

Shilling Mosaics was contrived in my head way back in 2004 in a small Victorian terrace front room in Worcester, England.

The old house had recently been updated with central heating making the front fire unnecessary. It had been replaced with a single ply board. All that was left of the fireplace was the mantel piece and side supports.

When you look at something long enough the imagination can flow. For me, I saw a roaring fire and this led to the first ever piece of Shilling Mosaics being conceived. My wife and I and I both worked on the “Roaring Fire” and I found my mind had opened a whole new world of mosaics to me.

Other pieces followed on, most notably my version of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”; however, it was not until I returned to Australia that things really started to happen and the flow of mosaics came.

Mosaics to me are a format for interpretation of the object you want to use. The wide range of materials you can use makes this possible. Choose tiles, stones, wood, anything!

The art comes from me and so remains very precious. In 2010, I decided to send a couple of pieces into the annual Proserpine Show (“Bunch of Flowers “and “Fredo”). “Bunch of Flowers” achieved 2nd place and I was thrilled.

However, in 2011, I exhibited again with “Larry” the Lace Monitor Lizard and K the Kookaburra. First place was achieved by Larry and this led me to the idea of finally showing my art to the world.

The ultimate goal is to combine my love of creating beautiful, sustainable gardens with creating unique works of art that blend seamlessly with their environment.

Shilling Mosaics’ catalogue so far:

  1. “Larry” the Lace Monitor Lizard (2010)

  2. Bunch of Flowers (2007)

  3. “Fredo” The Green Tree Frog (2010)

  4. “K” The Kookaburra (2011)

  5. Tree Snake (2010)

  6. Boat (2009)

  7. Vase (2009)

  8. Gum Nut Mirror (2008)

  9. “Clarence” The Lion (2009)

  10. Starry Night (2005/6)

  11. Roaring Fire (2004)

  12. Valentine’s Mirror (2009)